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Introducing Rosalie Rosenberg


Rosalie Rosenberg has an extensive background in every aspect of the fashion industry. She has lived in Santa Fe for over twenty years and has been Bodhi Bazaar’s owner and visionary. Her commitment is to providing Santa Fe a high fashion cutting edge environment which is both exciting and safe for women to be themselves.

Rosalie uses Bodhi Bazaar as a platform to raise money and awareness about the plight and the healing of women worldwide. She is working on a project that will be a dialogue between women, giving voice to the ritual of dressing and what it means to us as individuals.

“There is an extremely personal safety net inside these walls, a healing experience. When a woman puts herself together, she should be intriguing----to herself first.  The intrigue is not just in the look but also in the process. We help women with that.”
—Rosalie Rosenberg